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Offered is a new supply of clean 2.5mm borosilicate glass beads, packaged in 140g bags.  I triple rinse these beads in distilled water prior to packaging.

These beads are intended for use in dry glass bead sterilizers, which are used for sterilizing small instruments in a variety of settings (veterinary or animal sciences, dental offices, tatoo parlors, nail salons, etc.). 

The dry glass beads are heated in such units to 250°C. 

Inserting of clean instruments into the glass bead bed completes the sterilization process, destroying all microorganisms, including spores in less than 10 seconds.

I've worked with a supplier to deliver precision beads with size range 2.0 +/- 0.3 mm. 

The borosilicate material is made of virgin silica sand and raw materials (not recycled crushed glass), without heavy metals. 

These glass bead offer high heat resistance of sudden cold and hot and high resistance of corrosion, and are suited for the daily heat cycling within glass bead sterilizers. 

Weight: about120g


Package Content:

1 Bag Sterilizer Ball