1pc Car Care Polishing Wash Towels Plush Microfiber Car Cleaning Drying Cloth Hemming Car Care Cloth Thick Fiber Car Wash Towel


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Product Description:
1. No scratches and abrasions: suitable for cars, optical instruments, computers, etc.
2. Detail maintenance: especially suitable for wiping automobile dashboard cushion, etc.
3. Dedusting function: After using this product to wipe oil dirt, it can be cleaned by general washing method, leaving no trace on the surface, using it to clean the glass, the surface does not drop wool, so that your car will be cleaner and more comfortable.
4. Super durability, in fact, will improve with washing.
5. Very suitable for interior and exterior decoration, such as wax removal, car wash surface, polishing, decontamination, polishing chromium and window cleaning. It's also great for cleaning your home and office.
6.High water absorption,Strong decontamination,No hair removal,Long life, Easy to clean
Use guide:
1. Auto Beauty - Multifunctional Advanced Wipes
It is suitable for the cleaning protection of automobile interior instrument panel, leather seat, glass and other objects: spray the protective agent on the surface of the object and wipe it with a towel. Dry and wet, wipe the surface dirt and dust with a towel, the surface is not The wool is lost and the water absorption is good.
2. Car paint - rubbing wax, polishing towel
First wipe the body with a towel, apply the sponge wax evenly on the paint. When the wax is solidified, polish it with a towel.
3. Human body - dry hair cap, dry hair towel, bath towel
It is suitable for drying the moisture of skin and hair, avoiding hair dryer to affect hair quality, and preventing colds.
4. Kitchen
It is used for kitchen cleaning, oil absorption, good cleaning and easy to wring out.
Product Parameters:
100% new and high quality
Function:Car Cleaning,Windows Cleaning,Dishes Cleaning
Size: 38x45cm /30x30cm/30X40cm
Color: Yellow .Orange .Blue.Green
Material: Fiber
Suitable for Vehicle Type: Universal Type
Package list:
1* Towel