2019 6.7inch Carbon Cheap Spoiler Universal Car Tail Wing Mini Auto Fiber Decoration ABS / Plastic Material Carbon Fiber Pattern


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6.7inch Universal Car Tail Wing Carbon Cheap Spoiler Mini Auto Fiber Decoration

Product Introduction:

  • The mini spoiler wing is made of strengthened ABS / plastic material, and there is carbon fiber pattern on the surface (please purchase discreetly if your do mind the plastic material)

Installation Steps:

  • Firstly, clean the installation area, tear off the cover of the 3M glue

  • Secondly, fit it to the right position, paste it on the car, press on it tightly

  • Thirdly, please do not wash your car in three days after the installation, it would sustains a high speed up to 120 km / hour


  • Because a silver plating layer is paved above the silver tail wing, and the splint clamps the foot, a imprint of the splint is left on each foot of the tail wing, but it won't affect the overall appearance after the installation since the imprint is left inside. (We will reflect the actual information of the product to customers, please do not purchase if you mind these characters, thanks for your understanding and support)


  • Because this product is too "low-key", it is likely to be stolen by the green-eyed or the naughty kids. We disclaim all responsibility for damage caused by the above cases. We promise that the 3M glue we used are genuine. (Please do not allow the wing contact with water in three days after the installation, and please don't drive in a high speed in this period) The wing won't be blow away even the speed exceeds 120 km / hour

Product Parameters:

  • Size: length: about 17cm/ 6.69in width: about 2.9cm/ 1.14in height: about 3.5cm/ 1.38in

  •    Material: ABS
  • Color:Black/White/Blue/Red

Package Included:

  • 1 x Car Tail Wing Decoration