25/50/75W UVA+UVB 3.0 Reptile Lamp Bulb Turtle Basking UV Light Bulbs Heating Lamp Amphibians Lizards Temperature Controller


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The bulb  can only use in 220V country, can't use 110-120V country , such as USA, Canada, Japan and so on .  

if you need 110V  bulb, pls check this link :


Perfect  product for your reptile pets , like tortoises terrapins lizards snake spiders frogs mammals and others pets.

This lamp provides UVA UVB rays and heat:for diurnal reptiles, helping to create a paradise in reptile habitat.
UVA and heat for thermoregulation:Stimulates natural affects of sunlight to promote a healthy reptile
Focus light and heat to desired spot.:Basking lamps provide natural basking environments
focusing a beam of light:heat to the area of your choice, perfect for your reptile

Facilitates natural behavior:in reptiles. Use with appropriate clamp lamp fixture.

Provides essential UVB 3.0 and UVA rays for reptiles.


Item size: 5*5*5cm

Item weight :40g

25w fit for aquarium/tank length <50CM
50W fit for aquarium/tank length <80CM
75W fit for aquarium/tank length <100CM


Lamp base: E27


Usually turn on light for 2~4 hours per day to remain its lifetime; long time light treatment is not good for your animals.
For tortoise, it will go down to the water if temperature is too hot.
Do not let your animals to touch the light to avoid getting a burn.


Package size : 10*10*10cm

Package weight:60g

Package includes: 1* UVA+UVB lamp