2pcs Car Audio 6.5 Inch Speaker Waterproof Cover Sound Insulation Stop Shock Silica Gel Seal Mount Adapter Rings Grill Universal


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Name: Imported soft silicone waterproof cover
Tips: The selling price is 2pcs (1 pair)


Foldable design, effectively preventing water or foreign matter from entering the horn, affecting speaker life and sound quality, high and low temperature resistance (-40°C-230°C), strong flame retardant and corrosion resistance 


Installation Notes:

1. Imported soft silicone material, absolutely waterproof
2. Good sealing, sound quality assurance
3. Easy to install, improve efficiency

The product can be folded in many ways: Some buyers are confused about the pictures. Why are some pictures show it high and the main pictures show that the products are short? In fact, they are the same product, but some are folded and some are unfolded. Buyers can fold according to their needs or Expand. 


We have 3 colors of this item (Blue/Gray/Black).The default is blue. If you need other colors, please leave a message or contact customer service. Black is out of stock now...

Installation effect: