2PCS or 4PCS Car disc brake Caliper Cover 3D Word Red Brake cover Fit to 14-18 Inches Car 2 M and 2 S Universal Kit for Brembo


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NOTE: Friends, please be optimistic about the choice of package is 2PCS or 4PCS, we are a small profit to sell, do not include AB glue can not afford your unfounded accusations and disputes, if you mind, please do not buy, thank you ~ Product Name: Brake caliper decorative cover color: red Product specifications: Small for 14-15 inch wheels Medium for 16-17 inch wheels Large for 18 and 18 inch wheels Product Size: Small 20*5.5*4cm (one piece) 0.13kg/set Medium 25*6.5*4cm (one piece) 0.17kg/set Large 28*7.5*6cm (one piece) 0.26kg/set Product material: high temperature resistant ABS, lacquered Product composition: two pieces (one piece each side)


Suitable for: Universal compatible, suitable for disc brake type Product features: high temperature resistant ABS (industrial synthetic plastic) material, no impact on the brakes at all Suggested use method: Apply high temperature resistant AB glue on the inner side of the caliper cover or the surface of the caliper, so that the caliper cover can be in close contact with the caliper, corresponding to the position of good contact and then the high temperature resistant AB glue, and the AB glue solidification time needs three Four hours, please wait for the AB glue to solidify before starting your car, thank you! (we not provide AB glue )

Package List:

2 * Small caliper cover Or 2 * Medium caliper cover Or 2 * Large caliper cover Or 2 * Small caliper cover 2 * Medium caliper cover