4pcs/set Pet Winter Warm Soft Cashmere Anti-skid Rain Shoes For Dog Pet Windproof Soft Footwear Anti-slip Waterproof Shoes


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Pet Winter Warm Soft Cashmere Anti-skid Rain Shoes for Dog Pet Supplies


1,Soft sole: the sole uses the soft glue particle design and has the very good waterproof and skidding effect to prevent the pet to walk skidding in the rainy day.In rainy day,they does not wet the foot to protect the pet health.

2.Easy to wear:the design of the portable loosely buckles make it is easy to wear and it is firm and it conforms to the most pet foot type, even if the pet runs,you also don't worry that the shoes will be taken off when your pet are running.

3.Comfortable and breathable:adopting breathable fabric that can give your pet a comfortable wearing experience and it has a protection of the feet of pet while the foot also has a better sense of air.

4.Warm design:the use of cashmere design which is comfortable and warm.In winter you do not afraid of pets frostbite pet's feet.

5.Safe travel:because of the safety of the anti light design,you can have a good visual and convenient observation of pet trends,so that pets traveling at night are safer.

Size Chart:




Size4: 5cm/1.97"*4cm/1.57"                      

Size5: 5.5cm/3.54"*4.5cm/1.77"                  

Size6: 6cm/2.36"*5cm/1.97"

Package includes: 1 pair

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