6 PCS 22/33mm OEM design by aluminum For BMW 320d Swirl Flap Blanking Plates seal with intake manifold gasket 6 cylinder OT277


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6 PCS 22/33mm OEM design by aluminum For BMW Swirl Flap Blanking Plates seal with intake manifold gasket 6 cylinder OT277
Application:for BMW S320d 330d 520d 525d 530d 730d
For BMW engine codes and models as following:
E46 320d 2001-2005, E83 X3 2.0d (up to end of 2006)
M47TU2D20 updated in 2004 to M47TU2D20
E60/E61 520d, E87 120d, E90/E91 320d, E83 X3 2.0d - end of 2006 onwards
Previous M57 - 2000 onwards M57D25
2000-2003 E39 525d automatic transmission only.
M57N/M57TU - 2004 onwards M57TUD25
E60/E61 525d
M57/M57D29 - 1998 onwards M57D30
E39 530d automatic transmission only
E46 330d/330xd automatic transmission only
E38 730d automatic transmission only
E53 X5 3.0d, E38 730d, E39 530d
M57N/M57TU - 2002 onwards M57TUD30
E46 330d/330Cd/330xd
E83 X3 3.0d
E53 X5 3.0d
E60/E61 530d/530xd
E65 730d
E60/E61 535d
M57TU2D30 M57TU2D30 - 2007 onwards, facelifted E60 and E61
M57TU2D30-UL M57TU2D30-OL M57TU2D30-TOP
E90/E91/E92 325d
E60/E61 525d/525xd E65 730d
E90/E91 325d
E90/E91 330d/330xd
For BMW E70
For BMW E71
E60/E61 535d
E70 X5 3.0sd
E71 X6 xDrive35d
E83 X3 3.0sd
E90/E91 335d
As for BMW's suffer a common issue with the swirl flaps in the inlet manifold. The screws holding the butterflies can come loose 
can cause severe damage to your engine. The easiest way to prevent this damage occurring to your engine is to replace these swirl 
flap bungs with these.
Great aftermarket part, perfect match to your original car.
6pcs 22mm bungs with intake manifold gaskets kit.
Made of high quality aluminum material, durable in use.
The O rings are supplied with the bungs.
Easy to install, directly replace the old one.
Material: Metal
Color: Silver + Red
Quantity:  6pcs 
Diameter: 21.7mm/0.85"
Package Weight: 0.3kg
size: as picture shows
Package included:
6*Swirl Flap Bung
1*Set intake Mainfold Gaskets
1 (2)
1-3 1-2 1
6  1-6What size do I need?
In the 4-cylinder engines (M47 ..), the flaps always have a diameter of 22mm.
In the case of the 6-cylinder engines (M57 ..), the manufacturer made a change in the size of the swirl flaps in the course of 2004. As a guide, therefore:
22 mm diameter for vehicles up to 2004
32 mm diameter for vehicles from year 2004
From our experience we know, however, that depending on the model, there may already be deviations from this rule.
Therefore, you should check the required size on the vehicle.
You can determine the diameter without removing the swirl flap.
If the swirl flaps on your intake bridge are mounted with their screw axis parallel to the push rod of the swirl flap adjustment, then 22mm flaps have been installed. (Pic.1)1
If the screw axis should be turned by approx. 40 ° to the push rod, flaps with the diameter 32mm were installed (pic.2)
You can also check the screw distance (pic.3)