Car Turbine Supercharger F1-Z Turbo Charger Single Double Air Filter Intake Fan Fuel Gas Saver Kit Auto Replacement Part


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Fans provide more dynamic control of the intake system
By forcing a powerful airflow into the combustion chamber at high speed.
Once the engine is started, the propeller rotates to create maximum turbulence in the incoming airflow.
Allows for enhanced fuel atomization in the combustion chamber, resulting in a significant increase in horsepower and a better gas/fuel millage.
With simple installation steps, you can enjoy faster and better speed while saving on gasoline Simultaneously!


Single Side : Length 50mm , Have One Fan blade
Double Side :  Length 75mm , Have Two Fan blades
Diameter: 64mm / 2.519 inches
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Color: Blue

Package :1 * Car Turbine Supercharger