DC 12/24V to AC 220V USB 6V Car Mobile Power Inverter Adapter Auto Car Power Converter Charger Used for All Phone inverter 12v


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Good quality

1. This power switch equipment is fit to all the kinds of mobile phone chargers, can't be used for another purpose
2. This product has the safeguard in currency, shortcircuit, over loading
3. Plug this product into the cigarette socket
4. Make sure the power indicator is bright
5. Plug the mobile phone charger into this socket of this product
6. This product is used for mobile phone, Personal Handy Phone System, travel charger. Can't be used to the ironheart transformer.

Product properties:
Input voltage: DC 12V/24V
Output Voltage: 220V
Output Current: 0.5A
USB output:6V

Input voltage : DC 12V/24V
Output voltage :220V
USB output:6V
Output current: 500mA

1. Some chargers with connector plugs reversely will not work, please counterchange the direction.
2. This product is specially used for cathode grounded car, cant be used for anode grounded car.
3. This product is specially fit to DC 12V-24V car.

Package includes:
1 x USB Power Converter