Digital Display Tachometer Engine Tach Hour Meter Gauge Inductive Car Stroke Engine LCD Display For Car Motor Boat


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High Quality Digital Engine Tach Tachometer toerenteller Hour Meter Inductive for Motorcycle Motor 



- Brand new and high quality Tachometer / Hour Meter, with large LCD display
- Great for Cart Engines operating in the 25,000 + RPM range
- work on any 2 or 4 stroke gas powered engine.
- With Reset to Zero Hours function, the hour meter reads up to 10000 hours and then resets to Zero & The tachometer can read up to 99,999 RPM
- Programmable Maintenance hour setting with service Icon, a reminder when to change oil or other service
- With wrap black wire around sparkplug wire, can work on all spark ignition engines by selecting engine type using S1 and S2 buttons
- Splash Proof & Easy Installation
  New Tach Hour Meter For Motorcycle ATV Snowmobile Boat Gas Engine 
  Brand new and high quality.
  Large LCD Display Tachometer/Hour Meter.
  Great for Cart Engines operating in the 25,000+ RPM range.
  Outboads, Quads, Jetskis, Motorcycles and Dirt Bikes.
  Resetable to Zero Hours.
  For all spark ignition engines.
  Splash Proof.


Original box: No
Color: Black
Item size: 72*46*20mm(max)
Net weight:66g

Package included :

1 x   tach hour meter    

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