Digital LCD Capacitance meter inductance table TESTER LC Meter Frequency 1pF-100mF 1uH-100H LC100-A + Test clip


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LC100-A type is a full-featured added 1uF-100mF electrolytic capacitor test function, in addition to the basic three stalls, all the stalls are autoranging.

This product has an absolute advantage in the small value of testing with respect to the sales of finished products on the market inductance capacitance meter (such as 6243 series) is the accuracy and minimum resolution, and flexible online calibration can always maintain measurement accuracy. The instrument does not use any potentiometer adjustment, calibration parameters are completely stored in the microcontroller FLASH internal power-down is not lost, than the potentiometer calibration methods to accurately.

LC100-A basic technical indicators:

  • Measurement accuracy: 1%
  • Capacitance measuring range: 0.01pF-10uF
  • Minimum resolution: 0.01pF
  • Inductance Range: 0.001uH-100mH
  • Minimum resolution: 0.001uH
  • Large inductance measurement range: 0.001mH-100H
  • Minimum resolution: 0.001mH
  • Large capacitance measuring range: 1uF-100mF
  • Minimum resolution: 0.01uF
  • Test frequency: capacitors, inductors file about 500kHz, large inductance of about 500Hz
  • Can display current test frequency value
  • Effective display digits: 4
  • Display: 1602 LCD
  • Power supply: miniUSB interface to take power or 5V power supply
  • SMD soldering components, stable and reliable

1) LC100-A joined the the large capacitor 1uF-100mF measurement, the following figure is a measure of six large capacitor 4700uF capacitor in parallel measured 28.7mF, equivalent to a capacitor 4.78mF, 28.7mF capacity is beyond ordinary capacitor the range of the table, the instrument test range directly to 100 mF!

2) in the small capacitance, small inductors and large inductive test, LC100-A and LC100-S is the same, the following LC100-S as an example:

a) The following picture is the example of measuring small capacitance can be seen from the picture, the resolution has been reached 0.01pF, you must pay attention to the impact of the test clip, to maintain test clip without access capacitance normalized 0, and then as much as possible to maintain the relative position of the test clip into the capacitor unchanged, this is the same for testing small inductance.

b) The following pictures are examples of measuring small inductance see from the picture, around 4 turn hollow coil wire test results 0.058uH, this result is equivalent to 58nH for the 6243 class of instrument is absolutely undetectable inductive The advantage of this is also the instrument.

c) The third picture is a measure of a 0.22uF safety capacitor, the figures are very stable measurement results, here to give you a hint, if you use the test results beating very powerful that this capacitor stability is poor or poor high-frequency characteristics, and the good capacitive display results very stable.

d) The fourth picture is the view measuring inductance test frequency, current use, press the black button when measuring inductance, capacitance test can also use the same method to view.

Package Content

  • 1 x  LC100-A inductor-capacitor Table
  • 1 x Mini USB Cable