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Side Swipe With Blade Car Window Film Squeegee :4A65

  • Constructed out of heavy duty silicone for extra flexibility and lifelong use
  • 150mm/6 inch Blade Removes over 90% of standing water
  • Will not scratch any part of vehicle with Medical Grade Silicone Blade
  • Great in the home: Windows, Shower doors, Mirrors and Countertops
  • Flexible Handle Allows Blade to Conform to Almost Any Sha

Material: : Plastic & rubber 
Size: 85mm×150mm
Package: 4pcs rubber water squeegee

The Side Swipe with Blade is a must-have tinting squeegee for stroking auto film down along the sides and bottom edges of rear windows with ease and power. The exquisite ergonomic design allows tinter easier to use. It is a super tinting tool for reaching behind the speakers. This Side Swipe can be also used for hard-to-reach areas in flat glass installation.
The replacements are available.Cut the long sized blade into the length you need.

How do you use the Car Water blade? 
1. Ensure the surface is damp/ wet and clean of dirt and grim to avoid potential marking 
2. Wipe the Squeegee blade in clean water to make sure it's clean before using 
3. Hold and draw the Squeegee towards you in an arch motion for best results

Is it safe to use on painted surfaces? 
It's made from soft plastic so safe on your cars paintwork. Make sure the surface is free from dirt and grit before you use it.

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