Electric Socket Tester BSIDE AST01 EU US UK AU Plug RCD GFCI test Outlet detector Ground Zero Line Plug Polarity Phase Check


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BSIDE Brand Flagship Product - Limited Time Discount


Product advantages:

1. Security / Smart / Fast / Simple.

1. The meter can quickly test socket connects positive and negative pole as request and whether household power protection systems works well or not to ensure the household electrical safety.

2. Four different plug types, there is always one for you!

-- EU Plug / UK Plug / AU Plug / US Plug

3. RCD Test Button/GFCI Test Button.

With one button controlling, this versatile tester checks ER / US power outlet sockets for correct wiring and trip function for RCD/GFCI. It tests your protection system to ensure the household electrical safety. It is better to protect your security against the risk of electric shock.

4. Includes 7 different patterns for you to read.

Correct / Ground Open / Neutral Open / Live/NEU Reverse / Live/GRD Reverse / Live Open / Live Ground Reverse Missing Ground. Provide a clear indication that you can quickly understand and use it.

5.ABS insulated housing, Safe and Durable.

Impact Resistant ABS housing makes the product more durable and product it from drop destroy.

6. Bright LED Display.

Light patterns are well labeled on the back of the device itself. The Green LED indicators can be light up clearly in strong sunlight. The tester incorporates a built-in light so it can also be used in the dark. It can make you read it fast. The tester incorporates a built-in light so it can also be used in the dark.

7. Easy to Use.

With three indicators and detail explanation, it is easy for a newer to use it. It has a large easy to read fault chart.

8. Wide Application.

In accordance with CE, FCC, RoHS safety standard. As a general measurement tool and widely used in the school, laboratory, factory and other social field. It save you a lot of time in diagnosing problems with sockets.

10. Easy to Carry.

Lightweight (1.8 ounces) and handy size(2.0"x2.0"x2.2"), easy to carry and storage.