Elite99 Nail Surface Cleanser UV Gel Nail Polish Sticky Remover Liquid Enhance Shiny Effect Cleanser Nail Art Remover Tool


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Nail Surface Cleanser:
1.A one-step nail prep that improves adhesion and removes contaminants from the nail plate. Use prior to applying nail base coat, color polish and enhancements. 
2.It also can be used to remove the tacky residue of top coat and keep gel nail surface shiny. 


Nail Gel Remover:
1.Easy And Fast Gel Polish Remover - Dissolves quickly without damaging the natural nail. 
2.Professional Salon Gel Polish Remover - Professional quality gel polish remover for manicures and pedicures. 
3.Removers All Nail Polish Types - Soaks off varnish, gel polish, nail tips, acrylics, fibreglass and even nail glue. 
4.Strong and reliable, used by professional salons.
Cleanser Plus:
1.Can be used to remove leftover gel on surface of nails.
2.Fast-acting and fungal and antibacterial agents.
3.Will not streak or dull gel nail surface.
4.Help enhancing shining effect after uv gel nail curing.

Caution: keep out of reach of children.



Nail Surface Cleanser:

Step 1.Simply dampen a lint free wipe with nail surface cleanser. Wipe and rub each nail. Wait for the nail to dry before applying and curing each layer of gel. 
Step 2.Once you complete your gel manicure, dampen a lint free wipe with nail surface cleanser and remove the sticky gel from each nail. 

Step 3.Use a clean wipe for each nail, wiping from cuticle to tip for a high quality professional finish.


Nail Surface Cleanser:

Step 1: File nail surface to remove top coat layer.

Step 2: Saturate a cotton pad with nail gel remover and wrap it on nail for 8-10 minutes,

Step 3: Gently push out gel nail layer.