Hyaluronic Injection Pen Massage Atomizer Pen Kit High Pressure Acid Micro Guns Anti Wrinkle Lip Filler Lip Lifting Non Needle


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Different Style have different injection depth,the more depth is new updated style.


Adjustable High Pressure Hyaluronic Acid Pen For Anti Wrinkle Lifting Lip Atomizer Hyaluronic Pen Injection Machine with 1pcs free Ampoule and Ampoule Needles


Friendly Note: Don't include filler/acid

Product Description:

Type:Hyaluronic Acid Pen

Feature: Blood Vessels Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Dark Circles, Wrinkle Remover, Weight Loss, Moisturizer, Whitening, Moisturizer
Certification:Medical CE / ISO13485 / RoHS
Material:316 Stainless Steel ( professional medical stainless steel )

Injection volume:0.01ml~0.12ml ( The min scale 1 frame is 0.01ml,if you want to play 0.05,then down 5 frames,a maximum of 12 frames is 0.12ml,the biggest scale is 0.3ml )

Operation Mode:High Pressure Atomization/multi shoot

Injection depth:3-4mm


Principle of operation:

Spring and piston, which allow, under pressure, quickly and evenly inject drugs under the skin through a hole with a diameter of 0.1 mm, which is two times smaller than the needle thickness for injection !
With the help of the energy of mechanical action, the spring and the special piston in the apparatus allow, under pressure, quickly but gently pushing the drug stream through a microscopic hole into the subcutaneous tissue.
Drugs are absorbed much better and faster than with the introduction of a needle, which was confirmed in a series of studies and tests conducted in different countries of the world.
The ideal solution for those prone to scarring and subcutaneous clots.

Advantages :

* Painless injection
* Injection without needle eliminates the risk of infection from the needle
* Does not leave scars and puncture marks of the skin tissue with a needle
* Better and faster absorption of drugs
* Strictly subcutaneous injection - eliminating the risk of penetration of the drug into the muscle
* Fast, easy and safe
* Separate and economical dosing of the drug


Note: If you could not use the hyaluronic fillers (or other beauty medicine)before,you't better to consultate the beautician.



Hyaluronic Acid Pen main 1 (4)

How to use :

Step 1 - Rotate the pen clockwise to 00 scale (end of the scale).  Move the handle to add pressurize first, then load the ampoules head on the pen.





Step 2  - According to the picture, press air pressure (step 1 and step 2 could not replace or the filler                will spill over);


Step 3  - Put the filler into the ampoule head;



Step 4   - After load 0.3ml (a little more) hyaluronic into the Ampoules head, please make sure no air bubble in                       Ampoules head. The best way is load the hyaluronic acid by needle, not load the hyaluronic acid by                           ampoules head directly.


Step 5   - Press the button for 1st shooting. Then the ampoule head scale will be accurate at 0.3ml.

Step 6   - Move the handle to add pressurize first , if you want to inject 0.05ml hyaluronic , then rotate the pen to    05 scale, press the button, the pen will inject 0.05ml hyaluronic out, now you can see the ampoule head scale is at 25 scale.

Step 7   - Move the handle to add pressurize first , if you want to inject 0.1ml hyaluronic , then rotate the pen to 15 scale, press the button, the pen will inject 0.1ml hyaluronic out, now you can see the ampoule head scale is at 15 scale. ( the scale could adjust 0.01-0.12 )




Friendly Note :

1. When inject the drug,can't hold gauze by hand, can't play vertically,need pinch the skin,approxed about 90 degrees,then one time pressure,multiple hair,safe and fast,
each time could inject 0.01ml, arbitrary adjustment.
The drug quickly enters the subcutaneous tissue and completes the injection without feeling pain,no needle,no pain,little wound.

2. If the skin could not approxed about 90 degrees,then inject vertically and lowly,can not shake.

3. Must distance 1cm between skin when inject the drug,because the wrinkle factor will automatically spread 1.5CM, so don't worry about partial coverage.

Advise to use the hyaluronic pen by the drug,It is best to operate under the guidance of a beautician, or a professional beautician to operate.



Product Features:

1.Continuous hair : regulation of silent,dose hardcover

2.Convenient : no need to take products frequently,one time pressure,multiple hair,safe and fast, each time could inject

0.01ml,arbitrary adjustment according your necessory.


3.The instrument has the appearance patent,the national inspection institution certification report,and the evaluation manual


Hyaluronic Acid Pen detail 1 (2)

Six advantages :

1. Needleless : needless needles and transdermal mass transfer techniques

2. Safety : the needle free atomizer does not cause wound to the skin,so the probability of infection is very small

3. Efficent : This way of operation is simple and convenient,and the dosage is more precise

4. Bursts:frequent repeating,no need to frequent products

5. Small: according to the ergonomics design contact,it completely fits the skin

6. Palnless: the needle free syringe is a little bit rid of the injector's fear of needles and the elemination of pain



Visible effect:

It will fade away the traces of time,lift it all together,enhance the firmness,fade the fine lines,and brighten the skin,
enhance the black eye improvement,crow's feet reduction,pouch subsiding.

Hyaluronic Acid Pen detail 1 (4)


Hyaluronic Acid Pen detail 1 (6)

Small steel gun atomizer,five advantages

1. Needleless : prevent metabolites from silt,make skin smooth,tender and glossy

2. Afety : the probability of infection is very small

3. Efficient : from the point of view of operation,this injection method is simpler and the dosage of injection is more precise

4. Bursts : can achieve 4 consecutive rounds,and the effect is better

5. Painless : the advantage of needle free syringe is that it eliminates the fear of needles and the pain is eleminated

Hyaluronic Acid Pen detail 1 (7)

This item could solve this problems:

Wrinkle production - as age increases,the loss of collagen and elastin produces wrinkles

Protein regenaration - with needle less injection,the distribution is more uniform


Hyaluronic Acid Pen detail 1 (8)

01-- No needle injection - good absorption effect

using fog close mass injection,the drug will not squeeze tissue,good absorption effect,drug mass distribution.

To improve the state of subcutanuous injection of traditional needles

Hyaluronic Acid Pen detail 1 (9)Hyaluronic Acid Pen detail 1 (10)

02-- Needle free injection - no fear

The drug quickly enters the subcutaneous tissue and completes the injection without feeling pain,

no needle,no pain,little wound .

Hyaluronic Acid Pen detail 1 (11)Hyaluronic Acid Pen detail 1 (12)Hyaluronic Acid Pen detail 1 (14)

Hyaluronic Acid Pen detail 1 (15)Hyaluronic Acid Pen detail 1 (16)Hyaluronic Acid Pen detail 1 (17)Hyaluronic Acid Pen detail 1 (18)Hyaluronic Acid Pen detail 1 (19)


Hyaluronic Acid Pen detail 1 (20)


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