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Item Type:Mini Airbrush


Material:Aluminum/Stainless Steel

Battery Capacity:800mA

Air Output Per Min: 10Lpm

Max Pressure: 25psi

Output Voltage 12V, 1.6A

Input Voltage: 100V-250V, 50-60Hz, 0.6A Max



Size: Airbrush:14.5cm/5.71in,Air Compressor: 4.5*10cm/1.77*3.94in



1.Can be used to water replenishing to your skin, inject water and oxygen.
2.Rapid absorption and perfect shrinkage of pores, perfect for skin daily care.
3.Small and practical mini air compressor, portable light weight and easy to carry around.
4.Made of fine quality material, convenient to use, and will not spurt.
5.Big capacity watering can, easy fluid refills and easy cleaning.
6.Airbrush for facial hydration,model making, cake decorations, draw the outline of camouflage, tattoos nail art, etc.


1.Do not use when charging, use after unplugging the power.
2.Clean it with warm water or alcohol before use.
3.Must be use a water-based product.
4.The product should not be left in the bottle for a long time,to avoid the leakage of the product.
5.Spray it for a few seconds.with water every time you use it.



1.If does not have water to spray.
2.Product concentration is too high (preferably diluted to water).
3.There is dirty inside the spray gun and it is not cleaned in time.

Product Include:
Red/Black Included:

1 x Airbrush

1 x Air Compressor

3 x Watering Can(2*20ml,1*40ml)

1 x USB

1 x Box

Pink Color Included:

1 x Airbrush

1 x Air Compressor

2 x Watering Can(1*20ml,1*40ml)

1 x USB

1 x Box

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