Japy Skate 100% Original SEBA FRMX Professional Slalom Inline Skates Adult Roller Skating Shoes Sliding Free Skating Patines


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Size 35-37 with 231mm flat frames.

White color is 4*76mm wheels, 82A.

Black color wheel is 72-76-76-72mm wheels, or 76-76-76-76mm wheels, will be sent randomly.


Size 38-41 with 243mm flat frames.

Black color wheels are 4*80mm of +G wheels, 84A hardness.

White color wheels are 4*80mm +G wheels, 84A hardness.


Size 42-43 with 255mm flat frames, 4*84mm wheels, 82A. or 80-84-84-80mm wheels of 82A. Or 243mm flat frame, 76-80-80-76mm wheels of 85A.


Frames: aluminum frames

Wheels: PU wheels, hardnees is 84A for white 80mm, 82A for white 76mm and 84mm, and 82A or 85A for black

Bearing: 608zz, ABEC-3



1,The white color wheel is possible to be 84A wheel or 82A wheel or +G wheels, and the size maybe 76mm 80mm or 84mm.

2, The white color wheel is becoming a little yellow, and frame will be small defects in the paint, because the skates are old stocks of 2017 year, but there is not any influence for your using!

3, There are also with different model of frame by size 231mm, 243mm, and 255mm.

The wheels and frames will be sent randomly, if you are mind about this problem, please don't buy it.