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The G120 professional handheld GPS is an entry-level product of G1 series, with all basic functions, which can meet the basic functions of outdoor enthusiasts, such as fixed-point, navigation, outdoor exploration, crossing and so on. For industry users, the measuring point, setting out, ranging and measuring area can meet the functional requirements, and it is the model with the highest cost performance of G1 series.

Functions and features

Mark waypoint / Route edit / Track record Record 3000 waypoints, with 162 kinds of icons, and clearly record the travel…... Storage space: 64M operation memory, 128M storage memory, the whole system supports the expansion of tfcard to 32GB. It can store 3000 waypoints, and each waypoint can remark 256 characters at most; It can store 60 routes, each route can contain 100 waypoints; 20 tracks can be stored, and each track can contain at most 10000 track points and 10000 temporary track points. After TF memory card is added, the number of tracks stored will increase dramatically.

Waypoint navigation / route navigation / track navigation Real time indication of target direction, azimuth, distance, estimated arrival time, heading Support the loading of contour map. Support standard compass navigation, and provide standard navigation parameters such as yaw distance and steering angle. Travel calculator can display eight navigation data. Shows when the sun and moon rise and set.

Powerful coordinate conversion function: There are not only universal WGS84 coordinate systems in the world, but also many kinds of projection coordinate systems according to work needs. Powerful data processing software: Gisofice desktop management software can be downloaded from the network, supporting data browsing, editing, import, export and other functions, so as to facilitate the user's data processing. Rich data output format: The collected data can be exported to a variety of professional GIS data formats, seamlessly connected with GIS software, and can support data export to excell format.

Industrial three protection: The protection level is up to IP67, resistant to 1.5m natural fall, and fully adapt to various field environments. Clear display of screen data: Semi reflective and semi transparent real color screen, professional outdoor screen, still visible under strong direct light. Friendly operation interface, reasonable process design, easy for beginners. Three power supply modes: Lithium battery, two No.5 dry batteries and USB power supply are provided; lithium battery is suitable for customers who use it frequently and for a long time, with longer power supply and more economical use. Dry battery is more convenient for customers who use it occasionally and for a short time. USB power supply meets the temporary power supply under special circumstances.

Three methods of area measurement: Tool survey / track survey / Route survey. Measure the area of parcels in regular and irregular shapes as needed.

Product details

Five dimensional rocker key: Real one handed operation. TFT display screen: In brightness, contrast, function, life, volume, weight and other comprehensive performance are higher than other products. Quality of industrial three prevention: The protection grade is IP67, resistant to 1.5m natural fall, completely suitable for the harsh working environment in the field. Rear rotary lock. High strength plastic material, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, small and light appearance.

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