KEYYOU Flip Folding Remote car Key Shell For Chevrolet Cruze Epica Lova Camaro Impala 2 3 4 5 Button HU100 Blade


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Q:How to send the picture?

A:Once you have placed your order you will need to send  a picture of the key that is to be cut. Please follow the steps below to ensure that your picture is suitable. 

1.Place the key with the blade pointing to the right on a plain background such as a desk top or wood floor

2.Please make sure that the blade is in focus, not the background

3.Fill the picture as much as possible with the key blade

4.Make sure that the flash is turned off when taking pictures.

Q:Why choose us to cut the key blade ?

A:1.Our cutting fee will be cheaper than local,just need to pay extra $4;

2.Don't need to find the locksmith to cut the blade for you when you received the item,you can use it directly.

Q:How can I provide the picture when I paid for cutting service?

A:Please send us clear pictures of the cuts horizontally from both sides If you have the key code you can also send us this to cut from.

Q:What should I do when I forgot to provide the photo on time ?

A:Please send the correct key blade photo to us in time(within 7 days), otherwise we will send the uncut key blade key shell for you.

Q:It can't work when I received the key ,What can I do ?

A:The Accuracy up to 100%.In the event a key cut isn't successful, we will provide a second cutting free of charge.