Lemooc 8ml Anti-freezing Peel Off Nail Art Latex Cuticle Guard pink Cuticle Protector Nail Polish Nail Art Latex


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Quantity: 1 Bottle
Capacity: Approx. 8ml
Type: normal pink liquid
anti-freezing,white liquid
(please choose white anti-freezing if your country is winter now, the normal pink liquid will freeze below -25℃)
Package Contents:
1 Bottle Peel Off Liquid Tape
100% new retail and high quality.
Create a perfect with this liquid tape that avoids the nail polish to stain your cuticle and fingers.
It smells great and leaves an amazing smell on your fingers.
How to use:
1. Apply to the edge of fingers.
2.Normally it will dry within 5 minutes, depending on the outside temperature.
3. You can peel it off when it is fully dried.
4. It will be easy to peel off if you apply it thickly.
5. Please cover after use.
Normal style will be frozen and lose effect when temperature below zero.So please order anti-freezing style
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