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Brand: riding Tribe
Model: B1001
Color: Red Black White
Material: Microfiber leather
The anti-slip soles, reinforced archives wagons, enclosed gear strengthening ankle, waterproof and strong, to protect the feet and ankles, and ergonomic comfort, and graceful


Package Include:


1 x  one pair of motorcycle boot




1.WE Can Offer Drop Shipping service,And We Will Reduce The Price On The Parcel.
2.If You Dont Know How To Choose The Size,Please Give Us The Information,We Will Help To Choose For You .

   For Example:
   BOOT: Foot Length  24cm; HELMET:HEAD 57cm; JACKET: Height 170cm ,Weight 60kg; PANTS: Waist 99cm; GLOVES: Palm width 12cm.

    Note: Please choose the size according to the Foot length
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