MSHARE Nail Prep Dehydrator Primer Acid Free Fit for Acrylic Nails Bonder Bond 15ml


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To improve the viscosity,we add some compositions in it,so it shows a delicate purple tint. Please feel free to use it.


Choose Primer based on a type of nail plate, not on a type of design. There is a belief that with an acrylic method you should use Acid Primer. It's not true because on normal nail plate the acrylic should hold on as well with Acid Free Primer. If you are filling up outgrown UV gel or acrylic design you need to put Primer only on a natural plate. Remember to close the cap on a bottle because Primer will evaporate and lose its properties. If you are pregnant and worry about using the Acid Primer we advise contacting your doctor.

Feature of Nail Prep Dehydrator

Nail Primer is one of the most important substances that has an effect on longevity, of gel, gel polish and acrylic nail design. It removes grease and changes pH of the nail which enhances adherence properties of the product. It prevents the creation of air bubbles and helps to adhere design to a problematic nail plate.

How to use nail prep dehydrator?

Prepare the nail plate as always Degrease it with Cleaner Drain off the brush and apply NAIL PREP DEHYDRATOR on natural nail plate avoiding putting on cuticle area.

Using Steps

1.Primer 2.base coat 3.nail gel 4.reinforcement gel coat

Good Adhesive


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