Mtssii Softener Cuticle Remover Nail Cuticle Oil Primer Air Dry Nail Care Tips Treatment Tools Manicure Top Base Matte Coat


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How to use it :

Step 1:Use Cuticle remover:Can make the dead skin soft quickly and can remove the dead skin easily. It has better effect to use with dead skin removing tools such as Cuticle Nipper.
Step 2:Use Cuticle oil:Cuticle oil is an unique essence oil, can moist nails or the skin on the edge of nails and make the nails more moist and brighter,isolation effect.
Step 3:Use Primer: Protect your finger nails. You no longer have to worry about your nails being damaged when you are painting your nails.
Step 4:Painting your nails ( the last layer) with top coat to make the nail art crystal bright. You can paint crystal top coat on your nails after painting the top coat to make your nails more shiny.

Package 1pc nail care tool as your choice,please choose the right one you need thank you