Multi-function car electrostatic front mark post free shipping free to tear yearly check of car


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1. Stick the smooth surface to the upper right of the front stop and slowly scrape the exhaust port with your fingers. (The concave surface is the secondary surface, the smooth surface is the flat surface; the smooth surface is attached to the glass, and the concave surface is attached to the car sticker)
2. Adhere to the annual inspection, strong insurance, environmental inspection signs and vehicle annual tickets to the annual inspection stickers.
3. When replacing various signs every year, just remove the old signs and put them on.
Specification: 90mm * 90mm
Packing: 4 pieces / lot

1: to fix the car perfume, small adorn article

2: can be a cell phone mat

3: can directly before the paste file inside of the glass (must be flat glass, dot to inner)

4: the packaging

5: paste the yearly check marks on dot face

6: post after positive effect

7: authentic sign clean environmental protection

8: - 20 degrees to 80 degrees can normal use

9: can be washed to ensure that repeated use for a long time for ten years