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The N95 Mask

Product description 


  1. Beautiful outlook, strong and durable, make your car cleaner.
  2. Unique shape, simple style, easy to install.
  3. Smooth dual layer elastic mesh, strong scalability, it won't be dropping for lack of resilience.
  4. Designed with magic past tape, not easy to fall down.
  5. You can organize your car extinguisher, tickets, and other small items, makes your car more neat.

-Type: Car Trunk Storage Bag
-Material: Elastic mesh
-Quantity: 1pc
-Flat Size: Approx. 20*25CM/35*25CM/40*25CM/50*25CM /

Car Trunk Box Storage Bag Mesh Net Bag Car Styling Luggage Holder Pocket Sticker Trunk Organizer

Package Included:
1*Car Trunk Box Storage Bag

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