New USB Logic 100MHz 16Ch Logic Analyzer for ARM FPGA


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Frequently Asked Questions

1: the need for cracking software .

A: No , can be directly downloaded from the official use of any version of the official release

of any operating system SALEAE software support .

2, on the input interface protection.

A: The realization of high-voltage electrostatic TVS and ESD protection , and also supports

continuous voltage input protection within plus or minus 60 volts .

3, USB interface is limited flow protection .

A: Yes, because the direct use USB power supply, USB power design we use a self- resetting

fuse element .

LOGIC16 Description:

1 , the use of real-time acquisition USB2.0 high-speed interface to upload to PC , PC to

implement real-time data storage management , and then collected after the end of the display.

2, using the computer\\\'s memory as the acquisition memory , so you can to traditional logic analyzer

memory depth can not be compared easily reach the G -level storage depth.

3, see above agreement is an online real-time analysis, you can view the details of the timing,

conduct DEBUG. You can also view the content of communications from the macro to save

the contents of the agreement to resolve the output to a text file and spreadsheet files. The following

figure shows the I2C protocol to parse the output screenshot text TXT file and spreadsheet files.

4, the power of the software lie protocol analysis . Support more than 10 kinds of serial protocol.

Waveforms can be acquired waveform in accordance with the rules of the bus protocol parsing

the contents of the display , so you can see the same error . Very intuitive , used once, to ensure

you put it down , breaking away from the waveform guess. Especially those engaged in FPGA bus

interface protocol model to achieve almost more convenient than before simulation!

5, can be flexibly set the sampling rate and the number of acquisition channels , 3-way acquisition time

to achieve maximum sampling rate of 100M , 6 times to achieve 50M sampling rate, sampling rate

to achieve the highest 32MHZ 9 , 16 , when it achieved a maximum sampling rate of 16M .

6, small size, easy to carry, use USB power , easy on-site commissioning.

LOGIC16 powerful protocol analysis Features:

1 , including SPI, UART, CAN, JTAG ,1-WIRE such as support for up to 17 kinds of serial protocol

analysis . Covering almost all common serial board-level and field level bus protocol.




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