Newest Digital Engine Tach Hour Meter Tachometer Gauge Inductive Display For Motorcycle Motor Marine chainsaw pit bike Boat


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Digital Engine Tach Hour Meter Tachometer Gauge Inductive RPM LCD Display For Motorcycle Motor Stroke Engine Spark(built in battery)


Please avoid direct contact with water.


New Tachometer Hour Meter For Motorcycle ATV Snowmobile Boat Gasoline Engine 

- Brand new and high quality Tachometer / Hour Meter, with large LCD display
- Great for Cart Engines operating in the 25,000 + RPM range
- work on any 2 or 4 stroke gasoline powered engine.
- With Reset to Zero Hours function, the hour meter reads up to 10000 hours and then resets to Zero & The tachometer can read up to 99,999 RPM
- Programmable Maintenance hour setting with service Icon, a reminder when to change oil or other service
- With wrap black wire around sparkplug wire, can work on all spark ignition engines by selecting engine type using S1 and S2 buttons
- Splash Proof & Easy Installation
Color: Black
Item size: 72*46*20mm(max)
Net weight:60g
​The wire length appox 170cm
After the restart, the data will be cleared
Hold down the S1 key until 05 is displayed, release the S1 key, 8-10 seconds after the display back to the total time. Press S1 and S2 at the same time, make the data from 01-09, the system will reset, all the data will be cleared, speed mode defaults to 02 
Package included :
1 x Tachometer Meter

User manual download link:

1.No packing box:This item come without retail box,but we will pack well before shipping!
2.No replacable the battery but it is waterproof design,
3.A replacable version here recommend if you want.


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