Oil Water Pipe Air Tube Clamp Fuel Line Vacuum Hose Spring Type Clip Fastener Steel Zinc Plated 10Pcs 6-15mm


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100%Brand new and high quality.
Easy to use, pressure-proof, durable and long lasting
Designed to distribute pressure uniformly around the application zone
Used when the hose is subject to rapid changes in temperature which cause expansion and contraction of the material used in the assembly.
The Spring clip maintains pressure during this process, thereby preventing leaks.
Material: Steel Zinc Plated

Clip size
6mm 7mm
8mm 9mm
10mm 11mm
12mm 13mm
14mm 15mm
10 different sizes in total for your selection!

(PS:11mm clip is for 11mm Outside Diameter Hose ...... )


Package Includeds: 10pcs x Tube Band Clamp