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Gentle and soft   Moisture replenishment  

Moisture replenishment  Delicate, tender and slippery

Tender care ,Tighten and smooth ,Moisturizing & nourishing_02

Product information

Product name : One Spring Snail moistening and moisturizing cream

Product specification: 60g

Product efficiency : Secrete filtrate, texture and moisture, delicate skin,

moisturize the skin to replenish the skin, make skin moist, pure and moist.

Duration of use : moisturize the skin to replenish the skin, make skin moist, pure and moist.




Snail moisturizing and moisturizing lotion:

Extract from snail secretion filtrate and other

extracts to replenish the water needed for the skin,

so that the skin appears delicate and moist,

tender and moist, bright and beautiful.


  1. Gentle and moist skin : Snail skin creams contain snail's ,mucus extract, gently protect

    the skin delicate and delicate

  2. Nourishing skin : Nourish skin, help to improve skin's dryness, moisturize and charm

  3. Moisture replenishment : Replenish skin's moisture and moisturize the skin


Rich ingredients:* Potassium glycyrrhizinate two  * Snail Secretion Fil trate

* Sodium hyaluronate tt   * Glycerol   * Methyl isothiazolone


Then, Skin smooth and smooth,Nourishing and compacting skin,

Moisturizing and moisturizing



 Usage method:  

1.Skin cleaning,Cleansing facial skin      

2.Apply,Apply proper amount of palm or cosmetic cotton to the face.    

3.Pat,Beat gently until absorbed     

Reminder:It is recommended to use 2 times a day (morning and evening)

for continuous use and improve skin.  





Snail Eye Cream Anti Wrinkle Anti Age Essence


Product efficacy:
Improve expression lines fade fine lines moisturizing oil control shrink pores, pulling compact, soothing,
soothing eye
Whitening eye cream , Moisturizing hydrating eye cream , anti wrinkle eye cream , dark circles eye cream



Products name: Snail Eye Cream Anti Wrinkle Anti Age Essence

Net Weight: 15ml

Product description: Remove Dark Circles Anti-Puffiness Bags & Anti Wrinkle Anti Age

Limited to date: See the packingsnail-nursing-moisturiser_03snail-nursing-moisturiser_04

Rich ingredients:

1.the snail secretion filtrate,moisturizing nutrition

2.hydrolyzed pearl,   delicate softness   3.   glycerinum


Step 1:After cleansing, apply a suitable amount of eye cream against the direction of the appearance of
fine lines
Step 2:Press the canthus sag of the lad, to focus on increasing content of elastin around the eye skin
Step 3:Eyes closed, the third finger moisturized flick eye skin, improve eye week cycle
Step 4:Eyes closed, palm, rub, press the eye skin with palm temperature, soothing relaxation