Pocket Digital Microscope Phone with Objective C Camera Light and Slides for Kids


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  • Compatible for most smartphone models: GOWOW microscope is applicable for smartphones. We provide GOWOW App for both iOS and ANDROID system. Note: For some smartphone models, system camera app is compatible for GOWOW microscope.
  • Light and portable: GOWOW is light to 3 g, thin to 5 mm. You can take microscopic pictures at anytime and anywhere.
  • High resolution: 2 um optical resolution, flat-field achromatic micro-objective lens.20X~400X magnification, 5 mm diameter field of view.
  • Stick-and-play: Stick GOWOW to your smartphone camera, and take the photo light guide no need battery
  • Explore the microcosmos the beauty of microscopic images: magic tape、Paper fiber、droplets、Camphor leaf、cloth、rice weevil

GOWOW can turn your smartphone into microscopejust in 10 seconds. It is high-resolution, portable, battery free, andstick-and-play. The image quality of GOWOW competes the professionalcommercial microscope. It helps you to find the wonders you’ve never seen before in your daily life. It also provides benefits for the professionalfields, such as biology, medicine, and industry.


Our Story:


Thefirst time I saw microscope was about ten years ago. The scene I observed onionepidermal cell in biology class was yesterday.


I am now researching on optical engineering,mainly in developing next general microscope. But I always feel that my researchis too far away from daily life. Microscopes are heavy and big. Is there aportable microscope for imaging at any place and any time? After preliminaryresearch, we found that the portable microscope on the market is far frommeeting my requirements.


So I found a team to build a portablemicroscope with professional imaging quality. After optimization in resolution,illumination uniformity, contrast, signal-to-noise ratio, and so on, theproduct is shown as you see.


How to use Tipscope?


1、Put the TIPSCOPE facing the table, and open the flash in the APP.

2、Take off the phone shell, and aim the camera of the mobile phone to the lens of TIPSCOPE, while the flash of the mobile phone facing the body of TIPSCOPE. Move the mobile phone to make the field of view in the center of the screen.

3、Move the mobile phone towards the TIPSCOPE until touching. Push the mobile to make TIPSCOPE stick to the mobile.

4、Move TIPSCOPE close to the object and observe.


Q: Can I see mite using TIPSCOPE?

A: Yes. The scale of mite is hundreds micrometers. The resolution of TIPSCOPE is about 2 micrometers.

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