Professional Aerosol Car Spray Paint Gun Handle Adapter Full Grip Handle Trigger Airbrush For Painting Auto Paint Polish Tools


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Spray Adapter Car Paint Care Aerosol Spray Gun Handle with Full Grip Trigger Locking Collar Black
-It is easy to fit and use
- It gives professional results every time
- It comes with twist and lock system
- You have to simply place it on the top of the can making sure that the nozzle is central to the aperture of the applicator
- Twist the locking catch to ensure
- Now simply pull the trigger and paint
- Will fit almost all aerosols



Material: plastic

Color: black

Size for Red : 14 x 11cm/5.51 x 4.33"


Size for Black :  10.3x11x4.4cm




1 x Car Paint Care Aerosol Spray Gun Handle 











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