QSHAVE It Large Alum Block in Storage Case Soothing Aftershave Astringent to Close Pores Helps Stop Bleeding from Nicks and Cuts


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Alum Block from QSHAVE

Astringent and coagulant Packaged in a QSHAVE branded plastic container Alum Block Size: 6*4.2*2.5cm Plastic Case Size: 7*5*3cm Net Weight: appr 100g Package List: 1 x Alum Block with Plastic Case


Your traditional shave needs a traditional life hack. A block of hydrated potassium aluminum sulfate is just what you need after your shave as an astringent and blood coagulant. After your morning routine and cold water rinse, wet the bar and rub it over all parts of your face that you just groomed. It might sting a bit, but it will quickly produce a soothing quality and wonderful post-shave face feel. TIP: Some suggest popping this baby in the freezer before you start your shaving routine so the bar is ice cold when you finish your groom. "Using an ice cold alum bar on your face is the best part of the shave".