S Size 18mm Motorbike Car Exhaust Fake Turbo Whistle Pipe Sound Muffler Blow Off Valve Universal Simulator Whistler 5 Colors


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Condition: 100% Brand New
Material: Made of light weight aluminum CNC Machined from 6061 T-6 Aluminum
Color: Like the picture show (5 colors)
Quantity: 1 pc
Size: S 
Caliber: about 1.8cm


Note:Different size fit for different model car,please check the size which is is suitable.
Size S Fit for:
Tail Pipe diameter : 32-43mm
Displacement: 1000-1600cc
Size M Fit for:
Tail Pipe diameter : 37-48mm
Displacement: 1600-2000cc
Size L Fit for:
Tail Pipe diameter : 44-55mm
Displacement: 2000-2400cc
Size XL Fit for:
Tail Pipe diameter : 56-85mm
Displacement: 2400cc+

Made of light weight aluminum CNC Machined from 6061 T-6 Aluminum
1" muffler tip for best effect (OEM Muffler)
Install on Aftermarket muffler, Catback, Axleback muffler it will not produce any sound
Easy installation
Universal fits for most cars w/ A STRAIGHT OEM Muffler Exhaust, doesn't fit the ELBOW muffer.

The size of the sound is different depending on the specifications. The larger the number, the louder the sound. It is best to confirm the inner diameter of the exhaust port before purchase. If the whistle diameter is greater than or equal to the inner diameter of the exhaust pipe after adding 1CM, it will not be installed. At the same time, please note that the size of the sound is also related to the thrust of the exhaust and the personal feeling. After installation, the sound feels too big or too small can not be used as a product quality problem. It is possible that the individual models have small thrust or modified tail drums. The sound is very small or no sound, such a situation can not be used as a quality problem, please know! The last key point: the sound is not like, it is good to listen, this has a lot to do with personal feelings and hobbies!
For vehicles with small displacement, choose a large one, and a large displacement, you can choose a small one, because the principle of whistle sound is by airflow, the displacement is large, the bigger the whistle, the easier it is to make a sound.

1.Loosen the screw on the Turbo Sound Whistle
2.Place the Turbo Sound Whistle body inside the exhaust muffler with the larger opening facing the inside of the muffler
3.Screw the screws on the Turbo Sound Whistle to tighten the item so it doesn't fall off while driving

1 x Turbo Sound Simulator Whistle



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