TIKTOK Stylus pens for ipad Pencil, Capacitive Pen High Sensitivity & Fine Point


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  • FEATURES: aluminum cylinder pen body, the position of the disc tip is connected by metal steel balls to improve life and double durability. Both ends are replaceable, providing a smooth pen-writing experience for your touchscreen tablets and smartphones.
  • bid farewell to the traditional design, two-way magnetic cap, do not need to twist or push the hat back, just put the hat close to the pen, (both sides) will automatically absorb.
  • COMPATIBLE PRODUCTS: Apple iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, Android Tablet, Android Phone, Samsung Galaxy, Microsoft, and other capacitive touch screen devices.
  • CONVENUENCE: Special hidden disc tips design. The replacement disc tips is hide inside the pen cap. It can make sure you can use the pen for emergency situation when the disc broken or lost. No need to carry the whole box out. This stylus also has a leather cover, make sure you can carry the pen out on any situation.
  • THE PACKAGE CONTAINS: * 1 stylus *1 replaceable disc tips * 1 leather case.

The pony stylus is very heavy, and the precision end filler is only a luxury feel. 

It gives you real strokesPrecisionThe 2mm rubber point of the disc tip (6.8mm diameter) allows you to select small icons, click on small letters and give precise choices. 

With a transparent disc, you can see where you are pointing; it's perfect for drawing applications.compatibilityCompatible with most capacitive touchscreen devices, including ipad, iphone, kindle, kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy phones, tablets and smartphones.

Replaceable promptTips on both sides can be replaced and work is easy without tools. 

2 disc pens per stylusabout that productMaterial: stainless steel, aluminum

Package Contents

1 stylus

2 pieces of replaceable pan head

3 pen case