TIKTOK Universal Multi-Function Steel Hammer Magic Tool New


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  • 1.Multifunctional features in a smart design, it is a power nail gun, 2.pipe pliers, adjustable wrench, screwdriver, pliers clamps, vice, hammer and so on.
  • 2.The new structure, a wide range of applications, multifunctional, the perfect combination of rich tools to meet your various needs.
  • 3.Apply to home furniture, outdoor camping, factory finish, etc.
  • 4.These are forged from special tool steel, so it is durable.
  • 5.Multifunctional universal hammer, more convenient to carry and work.

Multifunctional Hammer (ten functions):

1. abbreviate img ignition imim ignite abbreviate img ignition brüsbriemp abusable ignition imim brunish ignition abbreviate imim ignition sticker imim sticker imim brüstikik imi ignition sticker imim, etc. and the nail will not be deformed, twisted and broken.

2. itself is a hammer, can act as any function of a hammer. And it can stretch where ordinary hammers cannot reach, but it can.

3. It has screwdriver, slotted and cross function

4. It can be used as an active wrench; can be adjusted from small to large.

5. Act as a function of pliers, for common tubes, you can all twist it

6. It can be used to curl the edge. (Sheet metal live)

7. pull out the broken nail.

8. Drilling on hard objects or perforated assembly lines on ceramic tiles. (Method: whether the word is an inclined head screwdriver 45 degrees at the turn of the tile. Soon it will drill a hole, it will not make the tile fall off.)

9. You can pull the nails.

10. It can be used as the grip, wire cutting and nailing under № 8