Ultrasound Cavitation 3 in 1 Infrared EMS Body Slimming Massager Weight Loss Lipo Anti Cellulite Fat Burner Ultrasonic SkinCare


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Hand Held Ultrasound Cavitation3 in1 Infrared EMS Body Massager Body Beauty Skin Care Thin Body Slimming Massager Skin Care Device


Skin care to clear, lighten, smooth the look of skin.

Deep cleanse and moisturize, reduce the appearance of both wrinkles and fat deposits and firm the skin texture.

This device adopts 1Mhz ultrasound and infrared energy to massage and treat skin effectively, as well as perform slimming ultrasonic massage to sculpt body contour, eliminate excess fat, tone the muscle, stimulate healthy body function through cell rejuvenation and body metabolism rehabilitation. This instrument can simultaneously perform ultrasonic, infrared and microcurrent skin and body therapy.

Ultrasonic therapy:The massager probe can create ultrasonic vibration at the speed of 1,000,000 times per second, which is most suitable for body care and can have effects on skin mainly in two ways: Mechanical and heat action and chemical action.

Heat therapy: The ark collar around massager probe emits infrared ray at the spectrum of 8-12nm, can get deeper into skin and subcutaneous tissues.


1. Weight loss helper

2. Skin tightening, caring, firming

3. Stretch marks remover

4. Anti-Wrinkle helper

5. Accelerate the blood circulation, enhance skin elasticity


Input Power: 110V-240V



Vibration:1,000,000 times/s


1 * EMS Infrared massager

2 *Pairs of EMS Pads

1 *Power adapter(American plug)

1 *EMS lead wire

1 *Manual of weight loss machine

Tips: people with the following conditions should avoid using this:

1.women during their pregnancy on your period

2.have malignant tumors

3.patients with dermatosis of foci on thermorrhage

4. urgent patient with unidentified diseases and children and elders.