Universal Car steering wheel remote control Controller 10 Key Music Wireless DVD GPS Navigation Radio Remote Control Buttons


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Blue backlight Black appearance, if you want silver, please leave a message to me in the order. Otherwise, the shipment will be black.

Blue backlit black appearance, now silver out of stock, only black stock. The goods sent will be black.

T-3S_01T-3S_02T-3S_03T-3S_04T-3S_05T-3S_06T-3S_07T-3S_08T-3S_09T-3S_10T-3S_11T-3S_12T-3S_13T-3S_14T-3S 8




All the buttons to upgrade to a black button remote control, blue light, if you do not understand, please leave a message to tell me, I will give you answer, thank you very much!