Vaclav Dental Flosser Oral Dental Irrigator Water Flosser Dental Floss Water Floss Tooth Pick Dental Water Jet Oral Irrigation


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Vaclav Dental Flosser Oral Dental Irrigator Water Flosser Dental Floss Water Floss Tooth Pick Dental Water Jet Oral Irrigation
1-Vaclav Oral Irrigator brings you Healthier Teeth,Fresh Breath & Bright Smile, Dentist recommend that it is very necessary & useful cleaning tool for teeth with Implants, Crowns, Bridges,
Braces,Periodontal Pockets,Gum Disease & Furcations.
2-Oral Irrigator is the most Natural Way of Using Water to clean teeth, more easyier and effective than the traditional way, the water stream can be reached everywhere of your mouth.
3-VL-1506 Oral Irrigator with tested 600ML tank capacity which is the optimum capacity between competence & saving space; 10 setting of water pressure; 3 Storage Jack on the 
left side of the device;1 Storage Box sit on the top of water tank, which is a cover as well, Handle with Pause Button and 360 degree Rotation Knob for tip.
4-7 Tips - Enough for all family member use, each tip with dfferent color ring for distinction.  3 Standard Tips use for normal flossing, 1 Plaque Tip use for Implants,Crowns,Bridges, 1 Orthodontic Tip use for Braces,1 Periodontal Tip use for Periodontal Pockets,1 Tongue Spoon use for clean tongue.
5-Thousands of worldwide users proven quality,IPX7 Waterproof, 50dB Noise(Test 80-100cm from the device),with 6 Months Warranty. 
Why Vaclav Professional Oral Irrigator ?
Mouth is the Gateway to Overall Health, So Keeping the tooth Healthy is Essential.
-Vaclav Oral Irrigator is more effective, a full tank water 600ML only take 105-185 seconds to finish.
Setting 10/ Take 105 Seconds finish one tank water, Setting 05/ Take 135 Seconds finish one tank water, Setting  01/ Take185 Seconds finish one tank water
-Pulsation water stream, 1200 Pulse per minute, more easier & powerful to floss
-Remove debris,food leftovers completely from everywhere of your tooth,eliminate bad breath,keep you mouth fresh and clean.
-Removes 99% plaque and bacteria lodged deep between teeth and below the gum-line where brushing and traditional flossing can't reach, reducing gingivitis and gum disease ;
-Massages,Stimulates gums for enhanced circulation,keep you gums healthy.
-More Gentle and Clean way than Tooth Pick,Dental Floss
Product Name: Vaclav Oral Irrigator
Model: VL-1506
Water Tank Capacity: 600 ML
Tips: 7 Pieces
Water pressure: 30-125Psi, 10 Settings from gentle to maximum
Water Stream: Pulse
Voltage: AC / 100-240V Global Voltage
Rated Frequency: 50-60Hz
Maximum Power: 18W
Electric Cable Length: 1.2M / 3.9Ft
What's in the box: 
1) 1 x Oral Irrigator Base 
2) 1 x Water Reservoir 
3) 1 x Reservoir Cover(It is Tips Storage Box As Well) 
4) 7 x Tips-(3 x Standard Tips; 1 x Periodontal Tip; 1 x Orthodontic Tip; 1 x Plaque Tip; 1 x Tongue Cleaner Tip) 
5) 1 x User manual 
6) 1 x Quick Start Guide
Common Problems & Questions:
1.Device doesn't start to work, motor not running
-Please make sure the Wall Electric Socket has power
-Try to change another Socket
-Please make the sure The socket and Plug well connected, Try unplug and plug several times
-Try Turn On/Off the device switch several times
2.Leaking from Tip jack on the handle
-Probably the Tip do not seating well into the Jack, take off the Tip, Insert into the Jack again, please make sure you hear the "CLICK" which means the tip seats well now.
-Change another Tip to try
3.Leaking from device bottom
-Probably the hose end cracked, Please contact with us, we will send youa new hose+handle for replacement free of charge.
4.Leaking from water tank bottom
Probably the valve(Black Color) is upside down or missing, Please adjust the valve to right side up or Contact us request a new valve free of charge.
5.Inadequate Pressure
Probably the water tank not positioned properly, please Re-position water tank, press water tank down firmly.
After Sale Service:
- Vaclav Oral Irrigator provide 6 Months Warranty since the date you placed order
- Please send us message if you have any question or complain, we will reply within 24 hours.
How to use:
1) Plug the cable into Wall Electric Socket
2) Remove the Lid&Water Tank from Machine Base, Fill water into Water Tank.
3) Replace the Water Tank onto the Machine Base,  PRESSING DOWN FIRMLY to easure  Full Seating and No Leaking
4) Insert Tip firmly into Handle,after  you hear "CLICK", Tip seats on  position,please make sure there is  no gap between Handle and colored  Tip Ring.
5) Adjust Pressure Controler to Lowest Setting; Press "PAUSE" button on the Handle ; Take handle put the Tip on you Tooth ; Lean over sink and Close Lips, Turn device on, release "PAUSE" button; open Lips a little let the water flow from mouth  into the sink.
6) Adjust the pressure slowly by  the pressure controler until it fitting  you needs.
7) Rotate the knob on the handle if you  need change the tip's direction.
8) After clean,press "TIP EJECT" button, remove tip,dry up water tank,take off the  electric cable.
Warm Reminding:
- Use lukewarm water is more comfortable
- Mix mouthwash is available
- Start from lowest water pressure setting
- Leaning over sink & Opening lips a little while flossing.

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